Early in the morning is the best in Fushimi-inari shrine


Do you wanna go Fushimi-inari Shrine??

It is one of the most famous place in Kyoto Japan.

Kyoto attracts you very much I think.

English site of Fushimi-inari shrine

I will let you know good information about Fushimi-inari shrine.

①:28million people come to Japan a year

Nowdays, 28million traveller come to Japan a year.

the info about traveller to Japan from other countries


There are so so so so so many travellers in famous place like Kinkaku-ji temple.

②:Going to Fushimi-inari early in the morning is the best

Fushimi-inari is also so crowded nowdays.

so, I really recommend you visit there early in the morning.

Because, if you go to Fushimi-inari in the daytime, we can’t take photo like this.

This traditional gate (Senbon-dorii =thousands of red gate) is the best place to take Good photo.

③:3 minutes movie for before travel to Fushimi-inari

Only Photo of Fushimi-inari doesn’t make us  be fine about Fushimi-inari Shrine.

So I took a movie about Fushimi-inari for everyone thinking about going to Fushimi-inari shrine.

It is just only 3minutes, so easy to understand about Fushimi-inari.

Please check it!

④:The info about open hour & 2ways to Fushimi-inari

1:Open hour

We could enter Fushimi-inari shrine for 24hours.

2:Two ways to Fushimi-inari shrine.


・JR line from Kyoto station

take off the JR Nara Line「Inari Station」(2 stations/5 minutes from Kyoto Station)

・Keihan Line

5 minutes walk to the east of Fushimi-inari Station on the Keihan Main Line

『By City Bus』
・7 minutes walk to the east of the 「Inari Taisha-mae」 bus stop on the Minami(=south) 5 line

If you use city bus to Fushimi-inari shrine, using 1day tickets is useful.

It’s only 600Japanese yen.


Easy Two ways to Fushimi-inari shrine from Kyoto.st

Thank you for reading!