[Train& bus is the Best way]Easiest and Cheapest way from Fushimi-inari to Kinkakuji-temple


Kyoto is the most wonderful place in Japan.

Everybody who comes to Kyoto visits 『伏見稲荷=Fushimi-inari shrine』 and 『金閣寺=Kinkakuji-temple』.



In winter, you can see most beautiful 『金閣寺=Kinkakuji-temple』 with Snow.

but from Fushimi-inari shrine to Kinkakuji-temple is little bit far.

And taxi is easy,


recently in Kyoto there is heavy traffic jams everyday.

Some Japanese don’t visit Kyoto because they hate traffic jam.

It takes more than 30 min and high expensive fee From Fushimiinari-shrine to Kinkakuji-temple by taxi.

It costs about 4000Japanese yen(almost 40US dollars)

So I will let you know the easiest and cheapest way to Kinkakuji-temple from Fushimiinari-shrine.

1:Use JR train line from Fushmi-inari to Kyoto station.

①The nearest station of Fushimi-inari station is [稲荷=Inari]

Fushimi-inari shrine is famous for「Senbondorii」=thousands of Red gates.


Nearest station is [稲荷=Inari].

This station is JR line station.

JR line is useful from Kyoto station.

Because Kyoto station is also Shinkansen(=bullet train) station

②Just 2 stops to Kyoto station.

Please ride on JR line from [Inari station] to Kyoto station.

Just 2 stops to [Kyoto station] from [inari station].

And it only cost 140 Japanese yen(almost 1.3US dollars)

2:From Kyoto station, you can go to Kinkakuji-temple directly by Kyoto city bus


From Kyoto station, easiest and cheapest way is using Kyoto city bus.

①Please Use 1day ticket(600Japanese yen) from Kyoto station

1 day free ticket is very useful for trip in Kyoto.

And, this ticket only cost 600Japanese yen(5.56US dollars) 

You can go around Kyoto with this ticket.

②If you have a time, you can go to Ginkakuji-temple by free pass

If you have a time,

From Kinkakuji-temple, you also can go to Ginkakuji-temple(Silver pavillion).

You need to change the bus one time, but very easy and cheap with 1day bus ticket.

3:You can enjoy Matcha food with Left money in Kyoto

①Matcha is Japanese traditional food

In Kyoto,You can Enjoy Traditional food like Matcha icecream.

I hope you Enjoy Japanese traditional culture, Buddhist temple Shrine and ICECREAM!!