Easy bus way to Kinkakuji-temple(Golden Pavilion)


Today, I will show you about the infomation of the most famous Buddhist temple in Kyoto!

It’s Kinkakuji-temple (Golden Pavilion)

When you come to Kyoto Japan, You should not miss this Buddhist temple, Kinkakuji-temple(Golden Pavilion).

Kinkakuji-temple is also called, Rokuonji. (鹿苑寺:ろくおんじ)

And, Kinkakuji-temple is listed as one of the 17 World Cultural Heritage-listed monument in Kyoto!!

the stone monument of World heritage

But the problem for tourist is, How could they go to this famous Kinkakuji-temple(Golden pavilion) from Kyoto station??


For every Kyoto traveller, I will show you the easiest way to Kinkakuji-temple(Golden Pavilion) on this page!

I will tell you the answer of this problem firstly.

The easiest way to Kinkakuji-temple (Golden Pavilion) From Kyoto Station is By Bus 

Using bus in Kyoto is also cheapest way for every traveller!!

Because there is the one-day pass for bus in Kyoto.

This ticket is only 600 Japanese yen(almost 5 US dollars)

I think it is helpful for you taraveller in around Kyoto.


1:Where can we buy one-day pass??


We can get this one-day pass easily at Kyoto station.

The easiest way to get this one-day pass at Bass terminal center of Kyoto station.

Kyoto station

The easy way to get one-day pass

When you get off the Kyoto station and get out of the gate of station, you can see Kyoto Tower.

Kyoto tower


After that you can see an electric noticeboard about information of Kyoto city bus.

electric noticeboard


Beside of this noticeboard,  you can buy this one-day pass by staff of kyoto city bus.

then, please pay here.

2:Bus number to Kinkakuji-temple(Golden Pavilion) from Kyoto

To get to Kinkakuji-temple(Golden Pavilion), Please get on the Number 101 bus from City bus B2 platform at JR Kyoto Station.

It takes 40min to Kinkakuji-temple(Golden Pavilion) by kyoto city bus.



When you get on the bus, you don’t need to put one-day pass in the machine.

Please just get on the Bus.

Just put the one-day pass into the machine, set at front door when you get off the bus.

Then please get off kinkakuji-michi bus station.

Aftrer get off kinkakuji-michi station, a short walk from this bus stop.


You can see the entrance of Kinkakuji-temple (Golden Pavilion).

Entrance of Kinkakuji-temple


3:Information about Kinkakuji-temple(Golden Pavilion) for Travellers


Kinkakuji-temple is the Golden Pavilion built on the compound of Rokuonji(the formal name of kinnkakuji-temple).

it is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto.

Kinkakuji-temple is listed as one of the 17 World Cultural Heritage-listed monument in Kyoto.

it is very famousu for its top two stories covered with pure gold leaf.

It is a three-story building in garden.

First floor is built in the palace style(寝殿造り:shindenzukuri) and the second floor is the samurai-house(武家造り:bukezukuri) style and the third floor in the Chinese style (唐様:karayou).

It was originally built as villa of an aristocrat. But it is renovated in 1397 as the political center by the third Shougun of Muromachi period, Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.

This is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan, attracting about 6million visitors.


4:Goshuin(Temple-stamp) is Good souvenir for travellers not only Japanese but also foreign tourrist


At the Buddhist temple, we can get GOSHUIN(temple stamp).

Goshuin of Kinkakuji-temple

Most of Buddhist temples in Japan, they each have an original GOSHUIN(temple-stamp).

You need to pay 300~500 Japanese YEN each.

But we have to get GOSHUIN in GOSHUIN-CHOU(Book of Temple-stamps).


So,You also need to get this GOSHUIN-CHOU(Book of GOSHUIN), But it will be a good souveir of Japan!! 

I really recommend you get this GOSHUIN (Temple-stamp), when you come to Buddhist temple.


5:Please don’t miss Kinkakuji-temple(Golden-Pavilion)


How do you think?

I think you feel easy to get to Kinkakuji-temple and really want to get to there!!

When you came to Kinkakuji-temple in Winter you can see more beautiful Golden Pavilion like this!!

I wish all your travel in Japan Good!!

Enjoy your stay in Japan!!