Don’t Miss the Bamboo forest in Arashiyama(嵐山)in Kyoto


Today I will show you about Most beautiful forest in Kyoto Japan!

It’s the Bamboo forest!

Bamboo Forest is located in Arashiyama(嵐山)

Arashiyama is located in western of Kyoto city.

Most of Tourist visit here to see this Bamboo Forest.

I really recommend visiting here when you come to Kyoto!!

1:Bamboo Forest attracts you so much

①We can feel relax with walking

Walking gives you good health.

In Bamboo Forest, you can walk and feel the nature of Kyoto.

Walking with feeling Nature is better than only walking.

Nature also makes you relaxed.

②You can go through with riding on the Jin-rikisha(人力車)

If you have any physical problem or you don’t wanna walk,

There are many Jin-rikisha(人力車) in Arashiyama.

jin-rikisha(人力車)is a man-powered vehicle.


2:Any season is good in Arashiyama

①:Cherry blossom、Grren leef、Red leef=もみじ(=Momiji)

In Arashiyama, We can enjoy any season.

I’ll show you all season of Arashiyama.


In spring, We can see 『Beautiful Cherry blossom』in Arashiyama.



In autumn,

The color of leef changes Red&Yellow

②:In winter We can see the Bamboo with lots of lights

Every December, 『嵐山・花灯路=Arashiyama-hanatouro』is held in Arashiyama.

In this event, Arashiyama area gets most beautiful with lots of lights.

Bamboo forest also gets a lot of lights in this season. 

I really recommend you visiting Arashiyama, if you come in December.

But I think you can enjoy Bamboo forest in any Season!