Don’t miss the Five storied pagoda at To-ji temple in Kyoto


Do you know Five storied pagoda?

It is one of the style of Buddhist architecture.

When you come to Kyoto or Nara, you can see some of Five storied pagodas.

They attract you so much.

In Kyoto, There are lots of Five Storied Pagoda.


Nearly Kyoto station, there is a Five Storied Pagoda listed as National Treasure & World Heritage.

It is To-ji temple !

To-ji temple is 16 minutes from Kyoto station.

I will show you about To-ji temple in this article.

1:History of To-ji temple

To-ji temple was built as the national temple by Ku-kai in 796.

It is listed as 17world heritages in Kyoto in1994.

It is famous tourist place in Kyoto nowdays.

2:Most impression Five Storied Pagoda

The highlight at To-ji temple is of course Five Storied pagoda.

If you want to see the Five storied pagoda, we have to pay entrance fee.

[Open hours]


(Need to enter until PM4:30)

[Entrance Fee]

Usual:500Japanese yen

Special:800Japanese yen

(SPECIAL:When special, we can see the inside of Five Storied pagoda. 3~4times a year.)

[Special in 2019]



3:Easy way to To-ji temple from Kyoto station

To-ji temple is near from Kyoto station.

You can go there by walk easily.

4:Don’t miss Fushimi-shrine when you come to To-ji temple

The most famous place for tourist is Fushimi-inari Shrine

Fushimi-inari shrine is about less than 10minutes from Kyoto station.


So you can visit there before or after visiting To-ji temple.

I really reccommend visit there.

Easy Two ways to Fushimi-inari shrine from