Easy Two ways to Fushimi-inari shrine from Kyoto.st


Do you wanna go to Kyoto??

Kyoto is the best place to feel Japanese traditional cultures.


There are 17 World cultural-heritage in Kyoto.

Kyoto will attract you certainly.

Most of tourrist go to “Fushimi-inari shrine” when they go to Kyoto.

I really recommend you visit “Fushimi-inari” shrine”.

Fushimi-inari Shrine


ENGLISH SITE of Fushimi-inari


But, I think most of tourists think,

HOW CAN WE GO TO Fushimi-Inari shrine??

Bus?? or Train??

So, I will show you about the Easiest way to Fushimi-inari shrine from Kyoto station!

There are two easiest ways to get there!

1:The easiest ways are train and bus to get to Fushimi-inari shrine

1)Please ride on the train named “Nara-line”

From Kyoto, there is a direct train to get to Fushimi-inari shrine.

Please ride on the train from The platform Number 10

Fushimi-inari shrine station is the Third station from Kyoto station.

It takes only 7minutes from Kyoto station.

2)bus number is “south 5”

The bus number is South 5.

From Kyoto it takes 30 minutes to get to Fushimi-inari shrine.

information board

2:Easy and cheapest one-day bus ticket

In Kyoto, there useful one-day bus ticket for travellers!

1)Where can we buy one-day pass

We can get this one-day pass easily at Kyoto station.

The easiest way to get this one-day pass at Bass terminal center of Kyoto station.

2)The easy way to get one-day pass

When you get off the Kyoto station and get out of the gate of station, you can see Kyoto Tower.

Kyoto tower

After that you can see an electric noticeboard about information of Kyoto city bus.

Beside of this noticeboard, you can buy this one-day pass by staff of kyoto city bus.

then, please pay here.

3:About Fushimi-inari shrine

1)Fushimi-inari is not listed as World Cultural Heritages in Kyoto.

There are 17 World Cultural Heritages in Kyoto.

For example, Kinkakuji-temple is listed as it.


Fushimi-inari shrine is not listed as World Cultural Heritages in Kyoto.

But I really hopefully recommend you visit there to see the 1000 Vermilion Gate, also called “Senbon-Torii”.

2)About 1000 vermilion gates(Senbon-torii)

Senbon-torii means 1000 vermilion gate in Fushimi-shrine.

But in now, there are more than 10000 Vermilion gates in Fushimi-inari shrine!

The color of Senbon-torii is Vermilion.

This color means ”Wording off the Evils”

So, When you cross the gates, You will get out from bad feelings.