『Showing by Photo』How to enjoy hiking at Mt.Kurama from Kuramadera-temple to Kifunejinja- shrine


Do you know Kuramadera-temple and Kifune-shrine??

It is said that Best spot to feel the power by Japanese people.

Kuramadera -temple


Many of Japanese and Tourist visit there.

They are located at Mt.Kurama=Northern of Kyoto.

and there is also the hiking course from Kuramadera-temple to Kifunejinnja-shrine,

We call this route,“木根の道”(Kinenomichi)

Let me show you from the entrance of Kuramayama-Mt to Kifune area.

1:The entrance of Mt.Kurama

①:Entrance of Mt.Kurama

This is the entrance of Mt.Kurama.

The nearest station of Mt.Kurama is 鞍馬(=Kurama) station

To Kurama, 1hour by bus and train from Kyoto station.


You need to pay here.

『Entrance fee』:300yen(less than 3US dollars)

②:To Kuramadera-temple

After enter Mt.Kurama,

It takes 30min to Kuramadera-temple.

There is cable car(small train) here.


The station

But I recommend you walking there

Because you could see and feel Beautiful nature by walking.

You can see these situation to Kuramadera-temple.

2:Kuramadera-temple to Kifune area

①:The entrance of 木根の道(Kinenomichi)

After arriving Kuramadera-temple,

The entrance of 木根の道(=Kinenomichi)Hiking course is

left side of main hall of Kuramadera-temple.

②:Hiking course to Kifune area

On This hiking course, you can feel wonderful nature.


The root of woods are appeared.

Please watch your step.

After a while, you will arrive here.

This is 奥の院(Okunoin=the inner part of Kuramadsera-temple)

3:To Kifunejinja-shrine

①Just straight way to Kifunejinja-shrine

From 奥の院(Okunoin), you only need to go down to Kifune area. 

When you see this bridge, it is the end of the hiking.

After crossing this bidge, you can go straight way to Kifunejinja-shrine easily.

This is the entrance of Kifunejinja-shrine(貴船神社)

②Feel the nature and foods

On this way,

Wonderful nature is there.

And You can also enjoy Japanese traditional food.

Soba noodle with grilled fish, Tofu, Rice…

I want you to Enjoy Japanese foods in Kifune area in Kyoto!!